Francisco Diaz

-Director of personal training and development

-master trainer

Hi there, I’m here to help you create a positive lifestyle change. Whether you are looking for the next challenge, desperate for change or in need of some guidance, I’m there every step of the way. Being healthy is not just about having a kick-ass body, it’s about creating the right positive lifestyle changes that will feed your mind, body and soul. I understand that this is a journey. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with major obstacles that needed to be over come. It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive athlete, fitness enthusiast, novice at any age, someone recovering from a devastating injury or just need support, I can help you create the next level plans to help you conquer your goals.


Ryan Trujillo

-Asst. Director of personal training and development

-master trainer

I believe the greatness of a person is measured by their ability to positively influence their surroundings. So my purpose in life is to help others achieve their own level of greatness and in doing so become the best version of themselves. I’ve been all over the spectrum health wise. A chubby 248 lbs as a teen, a trim 195 lbs midway through college, an ill 148 lbs, a heavy lifting 244 lbs, now an athletic very happy and healthy individual who sits around 220 lbs. I share this because their will always be highs and lows in life but you’re never alone along this journey if you make the decision not to be. I am here to be that person for you.


Jordan mcfarland

-master trainer

How many of us have been afraid? Afraid if failure? Afraid of embarrassment or disappointment? Afraid that we aren’t good enough? How many of us have let that same fear govern our lives and decisions? I have! Unfortunately a large part of my life has been run and dictated by fear. But I have found fitness and exercise to be a sort of safe haven and place of solitude for me mentally and physically. Most recently this fear reared its head after I suffered a major back injury that threatened to derail my whole active lifestyle. After originally giving in I decided to finally take control of my life and not let it be run by fear! I worked long and hard, with help, to recover and come back better than ever. My passion in life and in this industry is to use fitness to do for others what it did for me. It freed me by helping me overcome my fears. I want everyone to know they are capable of great things and to overcome whatever fears they have in life. I’m here to help you do so, provide the environment and the blueprint to accomplish that.


jennifer mora

-master trainer

Fitness gave me the opportunity to be in control of my life. It taught me how to practice mental strength by pushing harder when I felt like I couldn’t do anymore reps. It pushed me to switch career paths last minute and move across the country after finishing college. It gave me the confidence to believe in my potential to accomplish my wildest dreams. I have worked with clients wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up and or shed fat. I also have a background in mobility, stretching and post-workout recovery. I help my clients create healthy eating habits that are personalized to their goals and circumstances. Training with me is more than just a 50 minute workout session. My goal is to be there for you as much as you want me to be, whether that means helping with workouts outside of our training sessions, giving feedback and tips on diet choices, or simply being available to talk to. I hope to teach anyone I work with how to practice mental strength in their training so they can apply it to everyday tasks and ultimately have the courage to live their best lives.


david scott

-master trainer

Hi, I’m a certified strength and conditioning coach who has been training clients and athletes for over 14 years. CSCS, USAW and purple belt in Wushu, Sanshou and experience in boxing, Muay Thai and self defense colors my resume. I’m always spending time expanding my education. I’ve taken the time to learn from coaches at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, doctors of kinesiology from Eleiko, and learning speed/technique from Lee Taft and USA Olympic Gold medal sprinter Carmelita Jeter. My goal is to use my education and experience wisely to get you maximum results.


Noui Dzhigneyan

-master trainer

Fitness is and always was an outlet for me creatively, emotionally and physically. Through dance I was able to explore my passions for movement; while training for three marathons pushed me past my limits I didn’t know I could exceed. I knew that if I was able to train my mind , my body would follow. With a background in Exercise Science and experience with physical therapy I believe I can push you to also exceed your expectations. Let’s conquer your goals together.


hannah heller

-master trainer

If there is one thing my clients learn from me is that they are limitless. As a kid all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was strong. As far back as elementary school gym class I was frustrated with the drastically different standards held for boys and girls. From early on I recognized how ridiculous it was to limit what people should and should not be able to do based on a general standard. We all have unique goals, capabilities and untapped potential. It taught me that with proper coaching and the right mentality any goal is within reach. Fast forward through years of education and experience and now I bring this same energy to my clients. Through a balance of individualized resistance, mobility and functional training my clients develop mental and physical strength. We go beyond limits to not only accomplish their goals but open a world of new possibilities.


ryan chambers “chambers”

-master trainer

Ever since I was a chubby young boy, growing up in the Midwest, dealing with bullies and self-image issues my journey led me to working on making myself mentally fit, physically fit and healthy as possible in this lifetime. Over time I was able to overcome all obstacles and became a collegiate athlete and one of the most fit individuals on the team. I have always been fascinated with improving my body and those around me. This drive has helped me share my knowledge with clients . I’m able to show my passion for physical fitness in a variety of exercises from different disciplines to help others achieve the conditions of being physically fit and mentally healthy. I specialize in bio-mechanics, human movement, sports performance, and emergency medicine. I look forward to assisting you in reaching your desired goals.